Zainab is in care and received her tuition at her care home. It took a long time for Zainab to trust Yvonne her tutor, as she finds it hard to build relationships with new adults and felt disengaged from learning. Yvonne worked hard to engage Zainab through online sessions by incorporating her favourite subject, Health and Social Care, and encouraging her to talk about her anxieties.

We were delighted with Zainab’s progress, but when she had to move out of county to a new care home there were concerns over her engagement.

Our SENDCo and SEND Support Specialists worked with the Team Around Zainab, and it was decided that Yvonne would continue to support Zainab. This allowed Zainab to continue working with a trusted adult and have some continuity in her life.

Zainab now has a school place in her new county for September, and Yvonne continues to mentor her to help her settle in.