Ethan is a Looked After Child who has moved out of county because he is at risk of being involved in criminal activity in his community. Prior to his move, we had been providing a combination of Functional Skills tuition and mentoring to him, as he was refusing to attend school.

When he moved, his Virtual School contacted us to see if we were able to provide face to face tuition in his new, remote, location. Due to our national coverage, we were able to confirm quickly that we had a suitable tutor available in the area.

In order to manage as smooth a transition as possible, our Support Team met with the old and new tutor so that they could share notes, lesson plans, ideas for how to rebuild a relationship with Ethan, and so that there was a support network in place for the new tutor.

By ensuring that the new tutor had has much information and support going into his first session with Ethan, we managed to help them build a positive relationship, and Ethan has continued to be receptive to 1:1 functional skills tuition and took his Functionals Skills online through our internal exam provision.