Guiding Elijah Towards Positive Engagement

Elijah had been permanently excluded from a number of provisions and was disengaged from learning and from the adults trying to support him. His self-esteem and confidence were low, and his behaviour at home was deteriorating.​


Our Welfare Team joined a number of TAC meetings prior to the start of the placement in order to plan the provision and identified the most suitable tutor based on Elijah’s interests as well as his needs.


It took a few weeks for the tutor to gain Elijah’s trust, meeting every day for lessons in Elijah’s garden. The tutor used Elijah’s interests in mechanics to engage with him: they worked on Elijah’s bike together, and slowly he started to open up and trust the tutor.

"It's been really helpful that Targeted Provision have already made a connection with the school we plan to integrate our young person into. The tutor has been persistent and patient with our student."

Their sessions were practical, using money and statistics in Maths lessons to create a poster and leaflet about mechanics for English.


When a new school was identified, the tutor was able to accompany Elijah and his family on a visit. They offered valuable insight into his academic levels and shared successful strategies with the school, enabling Elijah’s good progress to continue. The tutor will continue to provide some 1:1 intervention sessions for Elijah at school.