Nurturing Aaliyah Through Academic Transitions

Aaliyah is a 10 year looked after child who is lacking in confidence in her Maths due to her frequent moves and changes of school. 

Aisha, our TP tutor was asked to increase her confidence and attainment in her Maths. Aisha discovered that she had a keen interest in and was happy to engage with any learning activities if they were presented as a game and not overwhelming. 

To begin with Aaliyah and Aisha worked together building up her confidence in basic maths concepts. They reinforced her times tables using online games. When looking at pattern work, Aisha related this to her interest in art and creative activities. They used multi-sensory activities using such things as dough and foam to reinforce her knowledge. Aaliyah was disappointed when the end of the academic year came and tuition would be ending as she said she had enjoyed being able to have someone to talk to who was here every week. 

Aaliyah is now moving to secondary school and her time with Aisha had made a real impact, in giving her a trusted adult as well as her believing in herself as a mathematician.

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