Supporting Evie to develop her Communication Skills

Evie is pre-verbal and has Severe Learning Difficulties and Sensory Processing Difficulties. The local authority, who referred Evie to us, hoped that we could support her to engage in her learning and develop her communication skills until a place in a specialist school became available.

We worked with the local authority SEND team to develop a bespoke education plan and enlisted the support of a qualified teacher who had extensive experience in supporting children and young people with SLD.

Our tutor had the knowledge and understanding of what strategies could be used to support Evie in the right way. The tutor started with Intensive Interaction in order to encourage Evie to engage with her, even if only for a couple of minutes. The tutor understood that Evie required patience and consistency and adapted their working style to support her. 

The tutor worked alongside the staff in the care home and shared the strategies with them.

Once our tutor had formed a positive connection with Evie, they introduced a Picture Exchange Communication System to help develop her expressive communication skills.

Evie is now engaging and communicating her needs via PECS. Her tutor has supported the staff at the care home to implement visual resources to structure her day. She has started the transition to a specialist school, and we have  worked closely with the care home and the local authority to support her transition.

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