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Tutoring with Targeted Provision in Herefordshire offers a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact on your local educational landscape. Our trauma-informed approach prioritises creativity and flexibility, allowing you to tailor sessions to your students' unique strengths and empowering you to address their specific needs. You'll have the freedom to build meaningful relationships, nurture emotional well-being, and foster holistic development alongside academic progress.

We've established strong local partnerships with education authorities and schools in Herefordshire providing diverse local work opportunities that benefit your community. Additionally, we've built a nationwide network of partnerships for online tuition options.

Working with us means you'll receive support from our SEND Support Specialists, who offer student-specific advice, ensuring you can make a significant impact. Our commitment to industry-leading skills and interest matching ensures you can teach in a way that suits you, keeping sessions engaging and impactful for our students.

Tutoring with Targeted Provision in Herefordshire is a professional commitment to creating lasting positive change in the lives of at-risk children and young people in your community.

Tutoring with Targeted Provision in Herefordshire

Child-Centric Approach

Every young person is unique and at the centre of all that we do. Through understanding their needs, interests, and aspirations, we allow them to thrive.

Inclusive Practices

Committed to providing a supportive environment for all, we work to make education accessible, regardless of the challenges a student may face.

Quality & Safety

As advocates for alternative provision, we strive to improve standards to create a better educational environment for all, ensuring safety, quality and accountability.


We work closely with parents, tutors, SEND specialists, local authorities and more, to create a comprehensive and effective 'team around the child'.

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Online SEND Tutor

We are looking for Online tutors with a genuine passion for transforming the lives of disengaged, at-risk, and vulnerable learners in Herefordshire

£28 - £33 per hour

ESOL / EAL Tutor

We are looking for ESOL / EAL tutors with a genuine passion for transforming the lives of disengaged, at-risk, and vulnerable learners in Herefordshire

In person
£25 - £30 per hour

SEN / SEND Tutor

We are looking for SEN / SEND tutors with a genuine passion for transforming the lives of disengaged, at-risk, and vulnerable learners in Herefordshire

In person
£28 - £33 per hour
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What makes Targeted Provision different to a tutoring agency?

At Targeted Provision, we have spearheaded a step-change for vulnerable learners in England. In the face of growing challenges in the UK's education sector - such as a shortage of appropriate school places, a lack of available professionals, and a marked increase in young people missing education due to unmet SEMH needs - we saw a pressing need for transformation in Alternative Provision.

We provide a supportive, understanding, and tailored educational environment for young people facing adversity. We are led by the principles of trauma-informed practice and the profound impact trauma can have on a young person's ability to learn, grow, and engage with the world. Our approach considers these underlying vulnerabilities, providing a supportive educational environment tailored to address and alleviate them. We are here to help young people transition into needs-appropriate provision, empower them to take control of their educational journey, and support them in developing resilience and self-regulation skills.

Our tutors are qualified teachers, with extensive experience supporting young people with SEND. Every tutor is also paired with a SEND Specialist from our central Support Team, who oversees each lesson, offers strategies tailored to individual needs and consistently monitors and report the attendance and progress of each young person referred to us. Our Support Team are also available to participate in EHCP/PEP/Strategy meetings and collate evidence for EHCNA applications when needed.

We can also offer examination entries (including GCSEs, A-Levels and Functional Skills) and post-16 life-skills packages, equipping young people with practical skills vital for work, learning and life. Additionally, we deliver English as an Additional Language (EAL) support for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (UASC), ensuring they feel seen, understood and supported in their educational journey. We also maintain out-of-county consistency, providing reliable support regardless of county barriers.

In brief, young people referred to TP receive much more than just tuition. They receive comprehensive support from trauma-informed professionals who take into account their individual circumstances, experiences, and emotional needs. This support empowers them with the confidence and emotional security needed to explore new learning opportunities and take positive steps in their educational journey.

Do you require us to refer a minimum number of young people to you for support, and do you have a minimum length of referrals?

We exist to meet the needs of young people and have no requirement for schools or Local Authorities to make a minimum number of referrals. We know that things can change last minute for a young person, and therefore will never ask for a minimum length for a referral either.  We do, however, know that our support is most impactful when delivered over several hours in a week, so will prioritise supporting young people where requests are made for 2 or more hours per week. 

Can I speak to another school or Local Authority that you work with to learn about their experiences of partnering with Targeted Provision?

Absolutely!  We work with 150 Local Authority teams / 450 schools and would be delighted to put you in touch with some of our current partners. Please get in touch with us to arrange this. 

What is your approach to safeguarding children and young people?

We demand strict safeguarding at Targeted Provision, adopting a child-centred approach and promoting the welfare of every child and young person. This approach means keeping the child in focus when making decisions about their lives and working in partnership with them and their families. Anyone working for, or on behalf, of Targeted Provision will demonstrate relevant Safeguarding Training to Level 2 as a minimum. You can read our full Safeguarding Policy here.

Still have questions?

Drop us a message - we're happy to help!


Building trusting relationships

Tutoring that is transformative, not a gap filler

“Targeted Provision really put students' needs first and try to accommodate tutors' situations at the same time. I highly recommend both for students and for tutors.”



"Targeted Provision are now our 'go to' for all our 6th day provision offer. The quality of the reports are superb and your tutors are excellent."


Specialist Teacher, Virtual School

"We are all delighted with the tuition Targeted Provision has provided, and I speak on behalf of the AP team, mum and the young person himself. Targeted Provision have responded to our needs so professionally and this brief intervention has made the young person's transition into school so much easier."


Section 19 Commissioner

"Targeted Provision are truly brilliant at all they do - I cannot praise them highly enough."


Virtual School Headteacher

“I have regular students with whom I have built great working relationships, and who are an excellent match for my skills.”



“Targeted Provision genuinely care about the needs of the children and always ensure they provide you will all relevant information prior to assignments.”



"Right Tutor, right child. This is why we work with Targeted Provision."


SEND Commissioner

“I have never seen my son achieve the results that he is currently achieving. His motivation and self-esteem is improving and his eagerness to learn has improved immensely.”



"Targeted Provision have taken on a lot of our most complex cases. Most of the young people they support are Children in Need and their expertise is very valuable."


Local Authority SEND Officer

Applying to Tutor


Send your CV, outlining skills and experience

Due to the number of applications, we are unable to respond to every applicant. We aim to respond to all successful applicants within 2 weeks.


Pass Safer Recruitment requirements

All candidates must pass through our strict processes to ensure suitability to work with children and young people before being considered for work.


Attend an online interview to discuss experience

Interviews are being scheduled on a rolling basis and all tutors are considered for work across their chosen region.