Our Recruitment Process

Discover the process of applying for a tutor role and gain a further understanding of our recruitment procedures.

See all the steps from application to onboarding below.

Your Recruitment Journey

Understand each step of the recruitment journey you will embark on if you apply for a tutor role with Targeted Provision.

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Submit your application online. If you don't have an updated CV, you can easily generate one using our CV builder tool!

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We will review your

Upon receipt, our team will assess your submitted application and extend an interview invitation should it meet our criteria.


Interview time

During the interview, we'll delve into your experience and motivations for joining our team. You might also receive a pre-interview task. It's a great chance for you to learn about us too, so come prepared with questions!


Compliance check

Following a successful interview, we'll collect your required documentation, qualifications and references for compliance. If you lack an up-to-date Enhanced DBS check, our trusted partner company can assist you in obtaining one at their determined cost.



After successfully completing safety checks, you'll begin the onboarding process. Our referrals team will then connect you with relevant and suitable referrals that we are confident will be successful.


Begin tutoring

Now, you'll commence tutoring with us, receiving 1:1 support and gaining access to our tutoring community.


Common Questions

Transitioning careers is significant, and we're here to guide you. Explore FAQs about tutoring with Targeted Provision. For further assistance, reach out to our Recruitment team!

Do you have work for tutors in my area?

We have opportunities across all regions of England & Wales, with online opportunities UK wide. To what’s available in your area check our Jobs page.

What does your recruitment process involve?

Apply online and we will review your submitted application, invite you to interview, interview you, and then collect all your documentation and qualifications required to make your file with us compliant and ready to work

How long does it take from when I apply to when I will start tutoring?

Our goal is speedy progression for all of our candidates. We will aim to interview you within 2 days of applying and have your application completed within 1 week of passing the interview. In most cases, our speed through the process depends on your prompt interview booking and submission of references and documents. We have had a candidate ready to work the same day before! 

When do I need to be available for tutoring?

The majority of our tutoring sessions take place during school hours, with additional options available for after-school sessions. We prioritise flexibility to accommodate our tutors' work-life balance, offering a limited number of weekend sessions as well.