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Supporting your child through barriers to education

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Academic and emotional support for young people with additional educational needs

Re-Integrate into Education

Additional educational needs can create disengaged learners - we get to know your child and create support around their interests and ambitions to help them feel more in control.

Differentiated Support

Our support takes many forms - we focus on teaching mindsets and practical tools needed to break barriers, all whilst meeting national curriculum or age-related expectations.

More than Academic Grades

We understand the importance of a well-rounded education so we nurture social skills and provide emotional support, empowering children to flourish in society.

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Working collaboratively with local authorities, schools, parents and young people


Local authority partnerships across the UK


Schools trust Targeted Provision tutors to deliver bespoke interventions


Young people supported

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Here for your child at every stage of their education journey

We tailor wrap-around support for vulnerable young people, from early years foundation stage to A-Level. This end-to-end support enables young people to thrive into adulthood.

Looked After Children
We understand the impact of adverse childhood experiences. Our trauma-informed practices ensure we are mindful of their unique backgrounds and deliver personalised interventions.
Our tutors have extensive experience supporting vulnerable children and young people with SEND and SEMH to work towards academic and emotional outcomes.

Building trusting relationships

Tutoring that is transformative, not a gap filler

“Targeted Provision really put students' needs first and try to accommodate tutors' situations at the same time. I highly recommend both for students and for tutors.”



"Targeted Provision are now our 'go to' for all our 6th day provision offer. The quality of the reports are superb and your tutors are excellent."


Specialist Teacher, Virtual School

"We are all delighted with the tuition Targeted Provision has provided, and I speak on behalf of the AP team, mum and the young person himself. Targeted Provision have responded to our needs so professionally and this brief intervention has made the young person's transition into school so much easier."


Section 19 Commissioner

"Targeted Provision are truly brilliant at all they do - I cannot praise them highly enough."


Virtual School Headteacher

“I have regular students with whom I have built great working relationships, and who are an excellent match for my skills.”



“Targeted Provision genuinely care about the needs of the children and always ensure they provide you will all relevant information prior to assignments.”



"Right Tutor, right child. This is why we work with Targeted Provision."


SEND Commissioner

“I have never seen my son achieve the results that he is currently achieving. His motivation and self-esteem is improving and his eagerness to learn has improved immensely.”



"Targeted Provision have taken on a lot of our most complex cases. Most of the young people they support are Children in Need and their expertise is very valuable."


Local Authority SEND Officer


My child has not had a good experience with school, why will this tuition be any different?

We are a leading national provider of SEND and SEMH specialist tuition and work with a number of young people who have been unable to attend or engage fully with mainstream school. As such, we understand that every child's experience of education is different and that successful learning only happens when a trusted relationship is formed between young person and tutor. 

Sessions are 1 to 1 and trauma informed. Wherever possible, our tutors incorporate the young person's interests into the sessions, whether that be extreme sports to astronomy, to drainage systems!  

Can we rearrange the tuition if we are not available?

Please talk to your tutor who may be able to fit you in at a different time within the same week. 

Unfortunately the tutors will not be able to roll any undelivered hours from one week to another, but if the session is cancelled with 24hrs notice the hours will not be deducted from the total commissioned. 

Do I have to be there when tuition is going on?

Yes, we do ask for a responsible adult to be there throughout the tuition session and who can be called if needed. 

If you are unable to be there please arrange for another adult that your child trusts to be there for the whole session instead.

If no responsible adult is present, the sessions will not be able to go ahead.

Will your tutor be allowed to take my child for a walk or on an activity away from our home?

If your tutor decides an activity away from your home is of value, they will need to complete a risk assessment which you will be able to see and accept.  It will also need to be agreed by the staff at TP.  

You or another agreed adult will always need to accompany any activity away from your home.

Trips such as these are not daily or weekly events, as they do require a lot of planning, but rather something we can do from time to time.

What resources does my child need to get started with tuition?

Your child only requires themselves and a pen and notebook. If you are not able to acquire these resources please do let us or your tutor know and we will support you with this. 

Our tutors have been known to have sessions where they make cakes or even bath bombs! However the tutor will always discuss in advance if they need access to some simple ingredients.

I have been offered online tuition, but my child doesn't have a tablet or laptop?

Please let us know as soon as possible if this is the case. We can loan Chromebooks (laptops) and Wacom tablets free of charge for the duration of the tuition.

Where would be suitable for the tuition to take place in our home?

The tuition should take place in a communal/family space within the home, for example, the kitchen, living room or dining room. Somewhere the responsible adult can keep an eye on tuition.

Tuition should never take place in your child’s bedroom, whether this is taking place online or face to face.

What if I don’t feel we are getting the agreed hours or subject?

Please contact Targeted Provision as soon as possible and we will look into this and change as necessary.

You can also contact us at any point during the tuition if something is not going well or you have a safeguarding concern.

What will happen if my child becomes upset and cannot continue during a session?

Please don’t worry! Our tutors will always be led by your child's needs on a day to day basis. We help young people to recognise and manage their emotions and if they are unable to carry on during a session, it is absolutely fine to finish and try again next time. 

What will tuition look like?

Each child we support has had a different experience of school and life. As such, our tutors have an individualised approach to sessions and tailor support around each child's interests and at a pace that works for them. 

Our tutors never rush into baseline assessments or formal testing of your child's levels. Your young person will have a high level of input into what their tuition will contain! Tuition may look nothing like “school” and may include lots of interest-led activities to help them build trust and confidence.

Do I need to be in the room?

Not necessarily, unless your child requires your assistance to help them engage in their tuition session. We would just ask that you are within earshot of the tuition so that the tutor can speak to you if needed. 

If the tuition is online, you will need to make sure that you also have a mobile phone with you so that the tutor can contact you if the session closes unexpectedly. 

Still have questions?

Drop us a message - we're happy to help!