On a mission to reshape alternative provision

We exist so that young people with unmet needs can feel supported, heard, and empowered to discover joy in learning and chart their own educational path with confidence and resilience.

Our story

Igniting young people’s potential for a self-determined, successful future

Our trauma-informed solutions foster trust, resilience, and motivation.


Targeted Provision was born out of a need for young people to access a wider range of appropriate educational provision, that put the young person themselves at the centre.


Redefining tuition as Relational Learning, offering an alternative to mainstream tutoring agencies, we captured the attention of Local Authorities and Schools across the UK, supporting hundreds of young people back into education.


Now a team of 60, with over 1000 tutors and working with most Local Authorities and Schools, we increasingly understood the range of needs that go unmet for the UK's most vulnerable learners.

The future

To continue being the catalyst for change, allowing young people to trust, self-regulate and take ownership of their own educational journey, to re-engage with their futures and contribute meaningfully to society.

We believe that education should be as diverse and individualised as the young minds it seeks to shape.

Tutor teaching student
young girl and tutor in a garden

A person-first matching service to meet individual needs

We match tutors and young people through a thoughtful alignment of experiences, needs, and interests, establishing a learning relationship that is both impactful and engaging.

This isn't primarily driven by academic support; it's about harmonising the tutor's skills, interests, and understanding of trauma-informed practices with the unique needs and aspirations of the young person.

Working together to help every young person thrive

Our focus is centred on supporting young individuals who find mainstream environments less accommodating of their needs, including looked-after children (LAC), those with special education needs or disabilities (SEND), and those with unmet social, emotional, or mental health needs (SEMH), and increasingly, unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (UASC) where English is not their first language. We support Early years foundation stage (EYFS) to Post-16.

Through listening, understanding, and responding to their unique voices, we create an inclusive, nurturing space where every young person feels seen, heard, and valued.

Tutor teaching student.

A future where the impact of childhood trauma on learning is fully understood and addressed, where the frustrations of young people with unmet needs are recognised and acted upon.

Our Success Stories & Insights

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