Seeking a flexible role where you can support some of the UK’s most vulnerable young people?

Join us and benefit from the mentorship of a dedicated team of SEND professionals to guide you in providing trauma-informed, child-centered education for young people with diverse needs, both online and in person.

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Our system will only accept one application so please only apply to one of the available roles in your area that match your skills and experience.

What our tutors say about us

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Our system will only accept one application so please only apply to one of the available roles in your area that match your skills and experience.

Why Tutor with Targeted Provision?

Our team will provide 1:1 support for your relationship with the young person, helping them to build trust with you and have an positive impact on their life.

Collaborative Environment

Be an integral part of a team that values both your professional development and the progress of young learners.


Offer online, in-person, or hybrid tutoring sessions, catering to young people all across the country.

Professional Autonomy

Our teaching methods are dynamic in meeting needs, allowing you to teach in a way that best suits both you and the young person.

Skill-Based Matching

We ensure that you're paired with students based on your unique experience, interests, expertise, and the learner's individual needs.

Impactful Learning Opportunities

Deepen your knowledge with training in Relational Learning, Trauma-informed approaches, and effective online strategies.

Trusted Partnership

Work collaboratively with local authorities, schools, parents, and young people. We are trusted by hundreds of schools and local authorities across the UK.

Expertise Development

Collaborate with a SEND Specialist who will be your mentor, advisor, and teammate, ensuring a lasting impact on the young person’s life.

Competitive pay

Earn from £25p/h for online sessions up to £35p/h when supporting young people with more complex needs.

Our ideal candidates

Our ideal candidates are experienced, trauma-aware educators ready to provide personalised support and build strong relationships with our young people.

Our dedicated team of tutors provide relational learning, fostering trust, resilience, and motivation in the young people we support.

Join a thousand carefully selected tutors from across the UK working with hundreds of schools and local authorities nationwide

Meet our tutors

Our system will only accept one application so please only apply to one of the available roles in your area that match your skills and experience.
I think it might be the most supportive workplace that I've ever been in
Targeted Provision offer incredible support for me as a tutor
The flexibility and the confidence in the organisation itself makes for a very productive work ethic
I wanted to work with Targeted Provision because I felt they had a child-centred approach.
The main benefit for me is the flexibility that Targeted Provision provide
With Targeted Provision they make things very simple and straightforward, I really like that
Working with students from Targeted Provision is incredibly rewarding.
You can make a real difference socially and educationally in the young people that you work with.
I loved their whole ethos and I knew it could fit around family life as well
From the very outset of a referral, TP is always on hand to guide you through the process


Do you have work for tutors in my area?

We have opportunities across all regions of England & Wales, with online opportunities UK wide. To what’s available in your area check our Jobs page.

What does your recruitment process involve?

Apply online and we will review your submitted application, invite you to interview, interview you, and then collect all your documentation and qualifications required to make your file with us compliant and ready to work

How long does it take from when I apply to when I will start tutoring?

Our goal is speedy progression for all of our candidates. We will aim to interview you within 2 days of applying and have your application completed within 1 week of passing the interview. In most cases, our speed through the process depends on your prompt interview booking and submission of references and documents. We have had a candidate ready to work the same day before! 

When do I need to be available for tutoring?

The majority of our tutoring sessions take place during school hours, with additional options available for after-school sessions. We prioritise flexibility to accommodate our tutors' work-life balance, offering a limited number of weekend sessions as well.

When can I start working with you once I have interviewed and provided all documents?

Our Referrals Team will reach out to you by phone or email as soon as we find a suitable placement that aligns with your availability, skills, and readiness to travel.

Will I be paid for the time taken to do any training with you?

While we offer all our high-quality training for free, we do not provide compensation to tutors for this training.

I am not available until X date in the future. Is it still worth me putting in an application now, or should I wait?

Yes! If you have the time and availability to complete our Recruitment process we would encourage you to apply as soon as possible. Your application can be paused and resumed at a later time once it has been completed. Apply to work with us

What is the usual duration of a tuition session?

Our sessions generally run between 1-2 hours, although there may be cases where 3-4 hour sessions are being offered where this session duration meets the child or young person's needs.

Can I tutor with you alongside my current tutoring / teaching work?

Yes, many of our tutors work with us alongside other work and life commitments. Meet our tutors to find out what they have to say about us.

How does your mission to improve the alternative provision landscape impact how you work with tutors?

Our mission means that we approach our tutors with respect and always understand them as compassionate and skilled professionals. To make the difference for our young people, we take additional care when matching tutors with young people they are well-placed to support, and we take their thoughts and opinions seriously; we take better care of our children and young people by taking better care of our tutors.

In addition, we ensure that every tutor is fully supported in their role; we lead the industry in providing a support network built to strengthen the relationships between tutor and families.

What reporting is required?

After every session, we ask you to complete a report on that session so that we can monitor the child’s progress. This also helps us to track your hours and ensure you are paid promptly each month. At the end of each placement, we will also ask you to complete a conclusive report for the child or young person you have been supporting. Please note that reports are completed online.

What support do you provide compared to other tutoring companies?

Supporting our tutors, we have a dedicated team of SEND Support Specialists who conduct regular check-ins, provide advice and guidance, and answer any questions that you may have. Our streamlined systems are set up to reduce the administrative load and our Referrals Team meticulously matches tutors with placements that align with their skillsets.

What do I need to be able to work with you?
  • 2 years of teaching experience
  • A teaching qualification (in some areas we can only accept QTS).
  • 2x references, including your most recent employer and covering 3 years of your work history.
  • An Enhanced DBS
  • A L2 Safeguarding Certificate
  • A Prevent Duty Certificate
What additional benefits do tutors at Targeted Provision receive?

In addition to the support that we provide, we also invest in our tutors. We run community events for our tutors, maintain an online tutor community page for mutual support, produce our bespoke training, and give each of our tutors unlimited access to the full Tes CPD suite. 

I have lived and worked abroad, can I go straight into working with you?

We are excited to work with tutors from all walks of life. If you have recently lived and worked abroad, the only additional requirement is for police checks from whichever countries you have been living in. If you do not have these, please visit the government website for details on how to apply for this.

Are your tutors self-employed?

No, our tutors are engaged as ‘Workers’ meaning that for the duration of your placement, you will be employed by Targeted Provision and paid via PAYE.

Can you guarantee me work?

No, we are unable to guarantee our tutors work, but the more availability and readiness to travel you can offer us the more likely it is that we will be able to fill your schedule. 

Can I get an Enhanced DBS with you?

Yes, we have partnered with a company to whom we can refer you to obtain an Enhanced DBS at a cost set by our partner company. 

How many hours per week of work will I receive with you?

Our tutors currently see between 12 - 60 hours a week depending on their requirements and eligibility.

Where does tuition take place?

Tuition takes place across a range of environments. Most commonly, tuition is delivered in the home of the young person or online, but can also take place in care homes, community settings, and schools. 

How far do I have to travel for tutoring?

We generally will ask tutors to travel up to 45 minutes for tuition, but if you are willing to travel more or less than this you can just let us know. 

Will I have contact with parents/carers if I have questions for them?

We will put you in contact with the most appropriate person (often parents/carers) for arranging tuition and to address any questions you may have that they can answer.

How much do you pay for tuition?

We offer between £25 - £35 per hour for tuiton, with the exact rate depending on if it is face to face or online, the level of preparation required, and the travel time involved.

Are tutors paid for planning, preparation, and reporting time?

No, we do not directly pay for planning, preparation, or reporting time but these will be taken into account in the rate offered for each given placement. 

Do tutors have to prepare and pay for their own resources?

No, we do not directly pay for resources and resource preparation but this will be taken into account in the rate offered for each given placement.

Are tutors paid for travel to their tuition?

No, we do not directly pay for travel / travel time but this will be taken into account in the rate offered for each given placement.

Do I need to submit invoices to be paid?

No, tutors are engaged as ‘workers’, meaning they are employed for the duration of their employment. You will be paid automatically at the beginning of every month with tax covered by PAYE, so there is no need to submit invoices to be paid. 

I am having issues with the online application form what should I do?

If you are having issues applying with us please get in contact with the team on 

Can I get more information before applying?

For more details, explore the FAQs and the 'Tutoring' section on our website. If you still have any unanswered questions, please reach out to us at

How consistent is the work and how many hours are available?

Our tutors can deliver up to 40 hours per week of tuition with us across multiple students, with individual placements generally ranging between 2 - 15 hours per week.

What specific SEND roles and opportunities are available?

To see our available roles and opportunities please click here to visit our jobs page. 

Are there tutoring roles for niche subjects or less common teaching areas?

We have the most demand for tuition in the core subject, but do also receive occasional requests for tuition outside of these subjects. In addition to this, our tuition is led by the young person's interest and so knowledge of niche subjects can be beneficial if it aligns with your student's interests. 

Will tuition continue during the holiday?

Lots of our tuition does continue through the holidays but this is often considered on a case-by-case basis by the local authority and led by the needs of the young person. 

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