Can tutoring give you the flexibility that you need?

At Targeted Provision, we don't just offer tutoring; we provide a transformative journey that empowers tutors like Alice to make a genuine impact on young lives while maintaining the flexibility they need.

Alice's story is a testament to the possibilities that unfold when a passion for supporting young people and a flexible approach to teaching come together. She was a committed special educational needs teacher who, like many of our tutors, transitioned from the traditional world of permanent teaching roles due to health challenges and a longing for a better work-life balance.

For Alice, tutoring became more than just a career shift; it was a lifeline. Traditional teaching had become physically demanding for her, but she still wanted to continue making a meaningful difference in the lives of young people. That's where Targeted Provision came in.

We offer a range of tutoring options, from online to in-person and hybrid sessions, designed to cater to young people all across the country. This diversity allows our tutors to work flexibly, aligning their schedules with their unique needs and circumstances.

Alice's health challenges made flexibility a top priority, and tutoring with us offered precisely that. Not only did Alice have the option to teach a blend of face-to-face and online classes, providing the freedom to be at home when needed for her well-being, but also Alice could set her hours. This control over her schedule allowed Alice to prioritise her health while maintaining her commitment to tutoring.

Alice's journey became exceptionally fulfilling when she began working with a young person with complex needs. While it posed its challenges, Alice quickly realised that their small breakthroughs were making a profound impact on the young person's daily life.

Alice recounted, “The young person I was working with had a complex mix of SEND (ADHD and Autism) and SEMH needs. Having recently moved care placements and being out of school for over a year, she exhibited some very challenging behaviours. Due to the recent move, not many people knew her well, so it was a fascinating journey figuring out what made her tick—and I quickly learned what she didn't like! The young person needed a special school placement and a safe environment. Creating a positive educational setup within her home was a challenge, as she had a very negative view of education and preferred chatting and playing football. So, that's what we did! We focused on building rapport, making every lesson centered around her interests, and being extremely child-led, which isn't always possible in a school setting."

This approach worked remarkably well, and as the young person became more engaged, she achieved some AQA unit awards and even secured a place in a special school where Alice had previously worked. Alice and the young person worked on transition together, and despite a few challenges along the way, she is now thriving in a special school environment. Alice described this experience as "one of the most rewarding situations" she has worked in, feeling that she made a significant difference in the young person's life. It did come with unique challenges related to supporting behaviour in a home environment and its limitations, but they adapted, and the young person is now in a much better place after gaining confidence through their sessions.

Alice states: ‘For me, this wasn't just about tutoring. I quickly realised that Targeted Provision's approach goes beyond conventional tutoring. They're committed to providing flexibility, and autonomy over teaching methods, and ensuring that support is readily available when needed. I think it's rare to find an organisation that truly trusts in my professionalism and expertise while also remaining on hand to provide support whenever I need it."

Alice also values the professional network she is part of at Targeted Provision. "I've never felt isolated as a tutor. I know there is support from the central Targeted Provision Support Team, as well as a wider network of tutors that share my values and educational philosophy." Throughout her journey, Alice received unwavering support from the exceptional team at Targeted Provision.

Tutoring with Targeted Provision goes beyond the conventional. It's about providing flexibility, maintaining autonomy in teaching methods, and ensuring that support is readily available whenever it's needed.

So, if you're seeking a career that offers flexibility, mentorship, and the opportunity to transform lives, explore our current SEND opportunities. Your journey of impact and transformation could start right here, just like Alice's did. 

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